Alcohol Detection Bracelets Getting More Use

Law enforcement and public officials are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of those who commit crimes or otherwise break the law. A new way of detecting alcohol in people that may be behind the wheel is very promising to those who are tasked with keeping our streets safe from drunk drivers.

Currently most law enforcement agencies use a breathalyzer to detect blood alcohol level. If there is a suspicion that a person may be driving under the influence, the police officer can request that they submit to field sobriety tests. In addition to the breathalyzer, the person may be asked to walk in a straight line, touch their finger tip to the tip of their nose or recite the alphabet – these are all tests that are designed to detect if a person is under the influence of alcohol.

A new method of detection has arrived on the scene, in the form of a bracelet. The bracelet is intended for those who are on some sort of abstinence ruling. Perhaps they are not allowed to drink alcohol because of a court case. These bracelets can detect alcohol through the skin and alert the court that the person is violating the terms of their probation.

One county in Wisconsin received a grant to purchase these bracelets for offenders who have violated more than once. Offenders who are constantly violating the terms of their probation by consuming alcohol need something like the bracelet as a reminder that they cannot drink. For those who submit to urine analysis screens, they oftentimes talk themselves into drinking as soon as they take the test because the alcohol will not be detected. The bracelets will alert the courts immediately if the person violated their terms and even has a few sips of alcohol.

Alcohol abuse continues to be a major problem throughout the United States. For those that have committed crimes relating to alcohol it may be necessary for them to enroll in a treatment program.