Louisiana Considers Allowing Alcohol in Theaters

A bill is currently on Governor Bobby Jindal’s desk. The bill is named Senate Bill 654 and has created quite a stir in Louisiana. The bill would allow movie theaters across the state to sell alcoholic beverages to its customers. While the bill made it through the Senate fairly easily, members of the House of Representatives are strongly divided over the passing of the bill.

The bill was not expected to pass the vote in the House of Representatives, but it managed to make it with just enough votes. Interestingly, State Representative Alan Seabaugh was not in attendance when the votes were being taken. Despite him not being present, his voting machine shows he voted for the bill. This indicates that someone used his voting machine to vote the bill through. Seabaugh has been vocal that he would never have voted for the bill to be passed. Due to this discrepancy, the legality of the bill’s passing is surely going to be called into question.

The public has gotten news of the bill and are letting Governor Jindal know that they are in opposition to its passing. Many church groups are rallying together to write letters to Jindal letting him know that they do not want their children in that sort of environment.

Movie theaters have long been a place where most parents feel comfortable dropping their children off to spend time with friends. Louisiana citizens are concerned that now that movie theaters are going to allow alcohol they will not be able to trust that their children will be safe. Many people are pointing out the obvious problem of the combination of a dark room and alcohol. Underage drinking isn’t usually a problem in movie theaters but may start to become a problem if the bill is passed by Governor Jindal.

Supporters of the bill liken this to drinking in restaurants. They indicate that no one is upset that alcohol is served at the same table where a child is seated in a restaurant. Those that oppose the bill point out those movie theaters are not restaurants and families should have an alcohol-free place to take their children. It is unclear whether or not Bobby Jindal is planning on approving the bill.