Common Ways Alcohol is Hidden by Teenagers

It is no surprise that teenagers come up with inventive ways to sneak things past their parents and other authority figures. However, in order to protect children, it is important to stay informed on the possible techniques that teenagers use, and stay informed regarding the different ways to tell if a teenager is abusing alcohol.

Alcohol is one of the most common substances abused by teenagers, likely because it is so easy to obtain. Alcohol often already in the home is usually what children will take when they want to experiment with drinking. Keeping tabs on alcohol stocks is one way to ensure that that children are not stealing the beverages, but experts have gotten together to come up with other warning signs and possible ways that teenagers hide alcohol use.

This generation of teenagers is more adept on the internet than ever before. Nowadays there are several videos on Youtube and other websites that lay out step-by-step instructions on how to get away with drinking alcohol while in school. Monitoring what websites teenagers visit is a good way of knowing if they are involved in this type of activity.

In addition to guides on how to drink alcohol in school, the internet is full of other ways to consume alcohol, oftentimes with the goal to do it under the noses of parents, teachers and law enforcement. Children can search the internet for recipes on how to infuse gummy bears with alcohol, how to in inhale alcohol or how to make alcohol infused popsicles.

While teenagers may find tricky ways to get away with consuming alcohol, it is not likely that they will be able to hide the fact that they are drunk. Alcohol on the breath or clothes is a common indicator that a person has been drinking. Additionally, if parents notice that their child’s behavior is different all of a sudden they might be dealing with an alcohol or drug issue. Alcohol affects teenagers in the same ways that it affects adults; vomiting, talking loudly, extreme emotions, loss of balance and slurred speech are all signs that alcohol may have been ingested.